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We are so pleased that we decided to enroll as PPLSI Associates back in 1999, and we cannot believe how quickly the years have passed. 24 years ago, we were behind on our financial obligations and practically going backwards in life. As educated and hard-working parents of five beautiful and healthy children, we were frequently a little embarrassed when we had to take groceries off the belt at the checkout or explain to the utilities representative why we were “a little behind.” Life had certainly provided some “bumps” along the way. When we looked at PPLSI, we immediately understood the necessity of a level legal playing field and the value of having attorneys “in our court.” I had been a special education teacher, working with middle school students with learning and behavioral challenges. I always loved helping people and experiencing “aha moments” when a plan of action worked between the teachers, my students and their families; however, I longed for more time to spend with our own children. Ray was a sales trainer and owner of the largest seminar and personal development forum in Wisconsin, promoting top-rated presenters. Ray was frustrated with his travel schedule and the business overhead. A light went on, and we realized we could figuratively roll a PPLSI snowball that would grow and grow! A few years later, it was so exciting when an associate came to my school to enroll the teachers in LegalShield, and she was part of our team! I knew it was the time to transition from teaching to being a work-from-home mom!

Our life looks a lot different now, and our happiest times are enjoyed with family and friends. Our zip code has changed by choice numerous times, presently we have a beautiful chef’s kitchen in our North Dallas home. We are enjoying gorgeous views of early morning sunrises and nighttime city lights! We believe that just like other years, the pattern will continue, and our income as well as our sense of security will continue to increase. Truly, 2023 will be our best year ever because we are so blessed by our great team and the entire PPLSI family! It is always exciting and rewarding to help protect individuals and families with our service and business opportunity. We appreciate being able to make a positive impact through PPLSI to provide the tools to live well! You can reach your own goals if you just help enough other people reach their own!

Being recognized in the PPLSI Millionaire Club is such an honor, and even better, it is something that can be achieved in the PPLSI opportunity with belief, consistency and persistency!

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