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Anna, Brian and Audrey Shaw don’t know what it means to “go to work.” They certainly know what it means to “work.” In fact, they see their father do it every day — at the kitchen table, in the living room, in his office, on the back porch, in the car and even, occasionally, at their soccer games, basketball games, swim meets, piano recitals, drama performances, dance recitals or tennis matches. The point is, Patrick Shaw designs his work around his life rather than his life around his work.

As far as Anna, Brian and Audrey know, it’s been this way forever. Their dad has always been the only dad at the 2:45 school play performance or the Friday morning swim meet. They think it’s hilarious that he’s the only “guy” among the 50 moms at the 10:45 weight lifting class at the gym. They know no other life than the one where their dad is around — for events, family meals, homework help or just to talk.

Patrick Shaw has been working his PPLSI business since 1997. He’s learned from some of the best and helped lifelong friends build their own organization. Contrary to the kids’ belief, it wasn’t always this way. Patrick ran into his share of bumps along the path. After presenting his girlfriend with a giant engagement ring, he proceeded to tell her that it was paid for completely on credit and that he would “need some help” on the minimum payments. Fortunately for him, she agreed to become his wife anyway. Maybe she was drawn to his eternal optimism.

Things changed when Patrick saw the PPLSI opportunity. By putting in the same effort that he had been giving his previous entrepreneurial attempts, he saw results that were staggering. Without the overhead, employees, square footage and general headaches that typically go along with business ownership, he was able to generate a steadily increasing income, all while participating wholly in the everyday life of his family.

According to Patrick, “The most difficult part of this business is to explain that it is more than the income; it’s the opportunity to grow and to live life to the fullest. It’s an opportunity to create balance in a world where that is so rare.”

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