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Prior to PPLSI, I was a merchandise representative with a retail warehouse club and Michelle was in property management. I also sold perfume oils, and one of my customers invited me to an open house meeting. I have now been in PPLSI for 30 years. The majority of that time has been in the Business Solutions arena, but recently I’ve been focusing on team building. The best part of this opportunity has been the residual income. I’ve sold almost 10,000 memberships, and with the majority of that business still on the books, it has provided us with monthly income that can continue well after we are gone.

I love the fact that we are making a difference in the lives of others. We do this by providing access to their rights via a provider law firm in their state and an opportunity to earn income while providing those services.

What is I like best about this is the fact that we can do what the cable/satellite companies do. They install once, and yet on an ongoing basis are paid monthly. So it is with us in that we enroll once, and yet after 13 months, we are paid on an ongoing basis monthly — a classic case of subscription-based marketing. This is what is so unique about this opportunity.

My greatest achievement is I BELIEVED 30 years ago that our product is a necessary solution to an ongoing problem in America. YOU MUST BELIEVE, and if you do, financial opportunity is available to you now and the rest of your life.

My best advice would be just what my late friend Wilburn Smith said to me 30 years ago; he said, “If you stay with this for five years, you will never quit.”

I am a living witness, and by BELIEVING, it has resulted in me being able to provide care for my bride, Michelle, of the last 30 years, as she has dementia. This opportunity has allowed me to look after her and yet still be able virtually, and in some cases physically, to do my business and provide a living for her while making a difference in the lives of others.

This year I want to elevate at least five people to the level of Ring Earner, as I am. That is what I want to do in 2022, and if I do, that means they also will be earning while making a difference in the lives of others. In essence, I have attained success in PPLSI, but I then will become successful because I will have created successors.

Now we are able to tithe more. And God has rewarded us by blessing our business with more new people and businesses to service. Finally, think about during these special times, we have had to reinvent ourselves during this pandemic. Technology wise, my goal is to make sure I master this approach like I had while doing “belly to belly” during my highest productive year.

At 67, I plan to make an extended living while providing others with the difference.

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